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Exchanges that we trade on:

bitmex bittrex binance deribit deribit
Balance and PNL GUI:
Windows based app with an easy to follow GUI, with balance changes and PNL.
Super Fast:
Execute trade based on tradingView scripts and alerts instantly with 0 delay.
Trade for Profit:
Easy way to trade using your own or top level trading view scripts and strategies.
Set and Forget:
Set your alerts on trading view and let Rubico execute the strategies on your own exchanges.
Scripts Marketplace:
Buy or rent TradingView scripts from the TOP script devs on the market in 2 easy clicks.
Constant Updates:
Constant Push of new updates, scripts to improuve and extend the app functionality.

Ok, so what do I get with Rubico?

- Easy way to setup your settings

- Get notifications on your own telegram bots

- Control your balances across multiple exchanges

- Test your scripts on testnet or main

- Multi traling buys and sells

- Close and open trades

Marketplace of Scripts

Pick from the top strategies and indicators from our marketplace. All scripts are tested before added to the marketplace.


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